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Please notify our team of any issues you have regarding the upkeep of your unit or issues you have noticed in the common areas or exterior of our communities. We have a dedicated team ready to help resolve your issue.


Thank you and we will be in touch shortly. 

Change of Address

Fill out this quick form to notify JFH of you new address. This way we can be sure to get any security deposit or mail sent to you after you move out of our communities. 

Move In/Out Inspection

When you start your lease or are on your way out we make it easy to complete your move in and out inspection. Open up this easy form and indicate any damage or notes you feel should be noted.  

Notice to Vacate

Whether you are moving because you purchased a home, changing cities, or decided to change apartment communities we want to make it easy to notify us of your intentions. This quick form provides us with a time stamped notice of your intent to move out of your unit. 

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